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In the world of blogging having a unique domain can front like making your site look more professional and help you with branding and SEO. The top blogging system, belonging to Google, called Blogger, allows users to buy the domain name for their blog as necessary. In this chapter, we will dscover how to you can have a free custom domain for blogger site of yours.

In the first place, a newcomer must clearly realize what a custom domain is. A custom domain can be understood as a unique and original web address that rather than a normal domain, which is basically what you get from Blogger. Simply put, a URL can be, or, for instance. This not only gives a professional feeling but also it’s an easy thing to appear on memory and observation for your viewers.

To get a domain name for your Blogger site for free you must buy this domain from a domain registrar. With multiple domain registrars that offer cheap domain registration services, you may be overwhelmed. The domain registrars that are well-liked include GoDaddy, Namecheap, and Google Domains among others. The first step might be to find a domain name that you can easily remember and connect with your blog. Afterward, you can get the domain by purchasing it from one of the registrars.

After buying the domain name of your Blogger site, the next step is to link it to the site where you will freely practice your blogging activities. This objective can be fulfilled through the dashboard of the Blogger account of yours – go to the settings section of your blog. Scan the “Basic” folder, where you will come across a section with the heading, “Custom Domain,”. Now, you will need to enter your registered domain name in the field provided and save the settings.

Part two will be about static IP address (IP address without changing), configuring WEB server, setting up DNS service. The concept of This involves instructing your domain to be forwarded to the Blogger’s servers such that when a browser requests your custom domain the searcher will be taken to your Blogger.

Please bear this in mind that it might be a few minutes of intensive activity for the propagation of the DNS adjustments and your custom domain to start operating together with your Blogger site. It depends on how many hours it will take from short hours (a few hours) up to 48 hours for you to see the outcome, so have some tolerance there.

Apart from having a custom domain for your Blogger site, your blog can be SEO friendly which will make it more professional and effective. If search engines favor websites based on their custom domains rather than the subdomain, acquiring a custom domain, thus, could increase your blog’s chances of ranking highly in search results.

Finally, getting a custom free domain for your Blogger blog is a simple procedure that is well worth the trouble with respect to the improvement of appearance of your blog and the SEO. You can quickly set up a custom domain for your blog. The steps outlined in the section should be followed and see yourself in the blogging game at a better level.So why wait? It’s time to own the exclusive domain for your blog and enjoy the idea of being unique on the internet.

Briefly, branding your blog is the first step in taking your online presence a notch higher from amateurish to a more dominating and business-like website. Now establish a smooth route from your content to your particular and memorable domain name thus, it will turn into a strong brand and also makes it simpler for the visitors to locate and interact with your site. It matters little whether you have been blogging for long or are just getting started; investing in buying your own domain is a savvy move that will help your online show remain viable over the long haul.

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