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As for the website registration, one of the first steps is to choose a domain, which the visitor will type in to reach you. As a significant component of your online presence, your domain name (equivalent to a website address on the internet) gives a crucial introduction to you or your product/service right from the beginning. Among dozens or even hundreds of domain name possibilities, you have to pick a real one that lies at the heart of your brand and make it short, memorable and descriptive enough to make people to remember it after the first time they found out about your website.

It is a domain name registration that kind of people search for when they are on a hunt for a domain. Often new users who’ve no experience and low income to launch the website choose for free domain names to reduce upfront costs in the beginning. Regardless, we must be aware of the boundaries and possible shortcomings facing us as we take advantage of free domain names.

The other demerits of the free domain names include the fact that they normally contain the name of the name of the free domain provider in the URL. This might lead to your website getting presentationally challenged and visitors visiting its URL might confuse it as well. Likewise, consider a free service that uses “” as the domain name and your website carved out as “” This may possibly push the prospective clients way who are on an expectation to more reliable and trustworthy sites.

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